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Our Story

We sprout out of the Foundation for the Development of Local Entrepreneurship “Be Together” in 2009. But we’ve been supporting local communities since 2007. 

WellDone helps young designers express their creativity and combines it with people returning to the labor market. We might seem to be just another manufacturing company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The mentees of the “Be Together” Foundation are behind each product we offer. The profits from our store serve the attainment of the “Be Together” Foundation’s goals, including supporting social cooperatives in Poland. 

Our business model received recognition and support from the United Nations Development Programme. Not only that, but our communication design qualified to the finals of the European Design Awards. 

WellDone promotes young designers. Their projects were presented at exhibitions and fairs in Poland, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Brasil and won numerous awards. 

Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves help in their pursuit of happiness.

WellDone focuses on activating the unemployed and people at risk of social exclusion by facilitating their return to the labor market. That’s why all products made by WellDone are created by the mentees of the “Be Together” Foundation.

We support sustainable development, and we use such materials as waste wood and recycled cardboard tubes in production. 

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