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Who are we?


The Foundation for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship “Be Together” is a non-governmental organization focused on the activation of the unemployed and people at risk of social exclusion. 

We promote and support social economy enterprises and social cooperatives. We’re dedicated to the integration of local communities and create jobs and workshops for people at risk of marginalization. 

We also run our own social enterprise helping people in need return to the labor market. In our cooperative, we provide such services as carpentry workshops, ironworks, laundry, and catering. 

Our Story

  • 2007 Creation of the “Be Together” Foundation
  • 2008 Obtaining land from the city of Cieszyn, renovating buildings and creating logistic facilities enabling the activities of a social enterprise.
  • 2009 Creation of WellDone
  • 2009 Development of the first series of products that received an award in the competition "Śląska Rzecz 2009"

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple – we want to help people. 

This idea guides us in everything we do. From developing projects focused on activating the unemployed, through creating jobs and opportunities, to running and supporting social enterprises.


institutions and organizations social economy


people at risk of social exclusion in their return to the labor market 


local communities to alleviate any social ills

I want to help!

Account number: 38 8113 0007 2001 0029 1831 0001The Foundation for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship "Be Together”ul. Walowa 4 , 43-400 Cieszyn 
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